CEO Message

Skybioscience, Inc (SKY Bio) is an experienced R&D, QC and production specialized in making business in the academy and biopharma industry and also went through even a small & big organization so far.
It was a meaningful experience, which became a great stepping stone before establish a new business.

SKY Bio was established at the end of 2019, and COVID-19 also came to the world almost at the same time.
It was a difficult time but a meaningful challenge for all of us to maintain the business successfully in this period, even for SKY Bio.

Bio-industry is one of the most fast-great growing industries and it is very honor to be in this period. One of the great experiences, we have gone through was the business with "L" company. "L" company had 0% of the market share at the endotoxin assay business in Korea in 1997, while "L" company had 50% of the market share worldwide.

  • KALUS (Korea Association of LAL User’s Group) members organized for the first time strategically.
  • Specialists were trained well and a new training lab opened for clients.
  • Sales policy for price, delivery, and technical support was established, competing with others.
  • Now "L" company has approximately 60% market share in the Korean LAL market (endotoxin assay).

Another great experience was the business with "C" company, a Single-Use Bioreactor in bioprocessing. As the previous business limitedly focused on consumables and reagents only, the equipment business was one of the good momenta for business expansion. The product that "C" company presented was the first disposable bioreactor installed in Korea and over 65 units were installed with 50L to 2,000L working volume. It surely was a great opportunity to grow the business, even 2 ~ 3 times bigger.

Turning back to our new business, SKY Bio is very honored and happy to have an opportunity to distribute the PBS Biotech Single-Use bioreactor to Cell & gene therapy industry. We are always excited about new business development.

SKY Bio, fortunately, started to supply HiMedia cell culture & microbiology products at the beginning of the first business year. Highly appreciate that HiMedia believed SKY Bio and accepted the distribution.

RIM Bio is also one of the major product lines in SKY Bio who supplies Single-Use bag & assembles suitable for Bioproduction. This business is already growing rapidly according to market needs. It can be widely applied to most of the biopharma industries.

Since JSR Life Sciences (Japanese Synthetic Rubber)’s high-qualified Protein A resin (A3) could be a leading product in Protein A resin market soon and SKY Bio is proud to supply it in Korea.

Furthermore, it is lucky for SKY Bio to distribute Evonik Amino acid and Dipeptide for culture media production and excipient for drug formulation. Hopefully, its business grows fast.

SKY Bio cordially would like to express our thanks to our partners, HiMedia, RIM Bio, JSR, PBS Biotech, and Evonik who recognize SKY Bio as an authorized distributor. SKY Bio will be able to convince and show them a piece of evidence for mutual success.
Let’s enjoy a challenge.

Many thanks for everything all.


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